Hi my name is James,

For years during my daily meditations I have visualized white light surrounding my friends and loved ones. The power of light is the power of our creator. Our life force is an extension of the creator’s gift of life.

Recently someone asked me to include their relative in my quite time. I was happy to do so and thought why not offer to send out blessing to anyone who feels a need for a spiritual contact.

There are plenty of sources for understanding the power of light, prayer, meditation and visualization so I won’t go into justifying why prayer and visualization works. I will answer questions directly and point you towards the resources you may helpful.

The bottom line is that if you send me a note, I will include you in my daily meditations and visualize you surrounded and protected in white light. Your name alone will allow me to connect since you are contacting me. Let me know exactly where you live such as city and what part of that city such as North, South, East or West. If you have specific issues that are a problem for you, you can send me details that I can pray for.


Peace and Love

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