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Thoughts are prayers

Thoughts are prayaers www.sendingyoublessings.comWe were advised to pray unceasingly ( First Thessalonians 5:17)

Remember thoughts are prayers and we are always thinking, hence we pray unceasingly whether we realize it or not. Our prayers are always being answered. Wise people are aware of what they think of because dominate thoughts do manifest in our physical world. Want to see where most of your thought energy is directed? Just take a look at your surroundings. Many people who are living a life less desireable than they want tell me all the time that they are not wishing for their current conditions. What too many people do not understand is that the mental energy put into concentrating on the undesireable goes out to the universe and brings more of the dominate thought energy. This is especially true when those thoughts are charged with high emotions.

It is important to not get caught up in what appears to be current circumstances. Be sure to spend as much time as possible being grateful for the good that is going on in your life. It may be as simple as having any car while others are walking or taking a bus. It could be having a place to sleep indoors when so many are sleeping outside on the streets. Remember the old saying. I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes till I met a man who had no feet. Take quiet time to imagine yourself living in the life of your choosing. It all starts in the mind.

A friend named Pat shared the following with me. If you need help training your mind to move your life in a more desirable direction then I suggest watching the video below

Watch Video Here!

Peace and Love

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