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Let go and let God

Let go and let God Sending You BlessingsSomeone just sent me a blessing request which on the surface may appear to be a tall order. Everything is relative, one man’s $5000.00 is another man’s $5.00. I see it all the time.

There is an old saying which has a lot more meaning than first appears on the surface.  “Let go and let God”. What does that mean? The meaning is just that, once we send out a desire, it is done, let it go. If we have a need for $10,000 within a month, know that it is possible. We just can’t dictate exactly how our needs will be met. Since we can’t dictate how the results may occur, we must absolutely let it go.

We have done our part once we determine that there is a want or need and have the faith to turn it over to the Creator to work out our path. Faith is the key word here. As Napoleon Hill states in his masterpiece work “Think and Grow Rich”, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve”.  There is that word again, believe. For many faith and belief has to be learned and practiced.

What you must understand is that if you are able to think about a possibility that means that somewhere in the universe it is already a reality. You could certainly visualize the event as having already been achieved but even then don’t dwell on it. Let go and let God! A master teacher of living from the dream desired is Neville Goddard in his great book “Awakened Imagination“. This is a book that I highly recommend for those who want to learn how to conceive, believe and achieve by letting go and letting God.



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