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Delight Yourself in the Lord

Psalms 37:4 www.SendingYouBlessings.comA fantastic article by Terry Dean

“Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”
Psalms 37:4

There are several ways you can look at this scripture. The first is that if you delight yourself in the Lord, God will answer your prayers and give you what you’ve been desiring. I believe that, but also look at something else it is saying to us. If you delight yourself in the Lord, he will give you the desires of your heart. He will put those desires in you.

If you’re focused on Him first and have put Him first in your life, then the desires in your heart also come from Him. If it your heart’s desire to go to college to become a doctor, then that desire has been placed there by God. If your heart’s desire is to own real estate, then you know where you should be focusing your attention. If your heart’s desire is to start a business, then He is the one who put that desire in you.

Starting a business can be a risky venture, so a lot of people go through life living way below their purpose because of fear. You’ll have to step out of your comfort zone. You’ll have to spend time learning all the aspects of business. You’ll have to put money at risk to study, research, and find people who can work with you. It is not always easy. There are millions of Christians who go through their whole life working a mediocre job knowing there is something greater for them. They get up and go to work day after day…while their heart cries out for something more. You can have so much more. You can complete your calling. If you haven’t already started, then use this book as your kick in the seat of your pants to get you moving.

Make a decision today you won’t just do what is most comfortable. You’re going to step up to your next level in life. It is time for God’s champions to come forth. It is time for people who love God to start taking action in the business world. For too long the church has looked at pastors and evangelists as being the only ones with a special calling from God. This is wrong!

People who are “in the ministry” are simply those who are called to teach others in the church. Most real ministry takes place outside of the four church walls. You are called of God as one of his ministers. A Christian business person is a calling. It is a ministry. You may be the only Jesus people around you ever see. We are called to be the light of the world, and we shouldn’t be hiding our lights in the church building. Be someone who really cares about your customers. Be someone who has integrity in business. Be someone that other people can look up to and look forward to doing business with. Christian business people who let their lights shine in the marketplace are God’s champions.

My prayer is to raise up new champions for God. Be a champion. Step out into the marketplace and become what you’ve been created to be. You have talents and skills God has put in you, and you need to be using them. There is a business out there waiting for you that only you can do. Don’t live life in fear…but step out of the boat like Peter and be one of God’s champions.

Continually put God first in your life and obey His Word. Seek God and let Him guide you. He may give you new ideas in the company you work for which greatly increase their profits. You may get profit sharing on those ideas. You may have a desire to start your own Internet business like I did. You may want to start a baking company. You may want to start a cleaning business. You may want to buy land or houses. You may study books on stock investing. You may learn about commodity investing. You may go back to college.

I can’t tell you His plans for you, but I can tell you a few principles about His plans. His plan will always be too big for you. They don’t just come Super-sized. They come in God-size.
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