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Share your blessings for Jaxson Robertson

In December 2012 Jaxson Robertson was diagnosed with stage 4 Hepatoblastoma, A VERY RARE cancer, Hepatoblastoma occurs in 1.6 of every 1,000,000 children a year. There are only 50-70 new cases a year in the U.S. This cancer makes up approximately 1% of ALL pediatric cancers. Over the last 6 months Jaxson has undergone several treatments of chemotherapy at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Even though he has responded well to the chemotherapy the family recently found out a resection (a removal of part of his liver) would not be possible. They were told Jaxson will need a complete liver transplant as soon as possible.Thankfully, due to the advanced stage of the cancer, Jaxson was moved to the top of the list to receive a liver transplant at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Jaxson received his new liver at St. Louis Children’s Hospital We are launching this campaign in the hopes we can raise money to help this wonderful little boy and his family cover the costs the are facing to make sure their little boy lives a long and healthy life!

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Morning sunrise mediation

There is a lot of power in a morning sunrise. It is a perfect time for prayer, meditation, quiet time and sending out blessings.

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Avoid self pity – Stay out of self

Sending You Blessings no pityOne of the greatest benefits of blessing and praying for others is escape of self. Points to remember: That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (God never gives us more than we can handle) – I felt sorry for myself for having no shoes till a met a man with no feet

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